• Helping kids have success while hunting

    As a father of two girls I figured out very quickly that to keep my little hunters interested and ultimately enjoy hunting, I needed to keep it not only fun but also help them in any possible way to make them become successful.
  • National Coyote Calling Championship: The Best 2nd Place Finish of All Time…Part 1 of 2

    Bagging 30 coyotes in a 2-day contest? Most would agree that a total that high is virtually impossible and as history has proven, they would be correct. Coyote hunters have only imagined killing that many in a 2-day, day-time only calling contest because it’s a feat that has never been accomplished.
  • Prepping for Fur Season – Coyote Tips from a World Champion

    If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance October is your favorite month of the year. The temps are dropping, football is in full swing and hunting seasons are opening up all over the country! Whether it’s chasing bugling bulls in the high country, stalking speed goats on the prairie, or waiting on a whitetail to pass under your tree, October is full of prime opportunities in the hunting world.
  • Gear Guide for Coyote Hunters

    We know, we know, Christmas is already over and still several weeks away. Last December Geoff Nemnich wrote a great article that included some great gear for Coyote Hunters and Swagger was on the list. Here is what he had to say!
  • Gary Roberson of Carnivor TV likes Swagger Bipods

    Throughout the years Roberson has became one of the most recognized predator hunters in the nation. He is mostly known for being the owner of Burnham Brothers game calls and the host of Carnivore T.V. where he can be seen calling coyotes, fox, bobcats, and even running hounds to tree mountain lions.
  • Making better shots from seated or kneeling position

    Swagger gives you mobility, quickly.  Here are some tips on utilizing the Swagger Bipods flex ready technology for shooting from a seated or kneeling position.
  • Eastman's Review of Swagger Bipod.

    Eastmans' Hunting Journal reviews the Swagger Bipod, a piece of hunting gear to make steady rifle shooting possible at any and all angles.
  • Swagger Bipods The Bipod With Moves - Product in Focus -

    Optics Planet put focus on the Swagger Bipod! Swagger, the bipod with moves! Revolutionary Flex Ready Technology gives you shooting agility and flexibility like never before, which will dramatically expand your shooting zone.