Tooth and Claw TV using a Swagger Bipod Stalker Lite
Swagger Bipod stalker lite being held undepolyed
Stalker Lite being carried
Stalker Lite being used in South Texas
Hunter using a Stalker Lite in South Texas
Stalker Lite XL

Stalker Lite XL

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The Stalker Lite XL is a perfect solution for those seeking a compact, lite weight and maneuverable rest in the field.  Its innovative Flex Ready Technology allows you to track and traverse a moving target while simultaneously putting you in the ready position at a moments notice.

  • Effective shooting range 45” to 65”
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Rapid Deploy
  • No Touch Adjustments
  • Track Moving Targets
  • Traverse Any Terrain
  • Flex Ready Lite Technology


UPC: 857925007191