National Coyote Calling Championship: The Best 2nd Place Finish of All Time…Part 1 of 2

The Last Stand

By Geoff Nemnich

Bagging 30 coyotes in a 2-day contest? Most would agree that a total that high is virtually impossible and as history has proven, they would be correct. Coyote hunters have only imagined killing that many in a 2-day, day-time only calling contest because it’s a feat that has never been accomplished. That was until the 2018 National Coyote Calling Championship took place earlier this fall in Rawlins, Wyoming. Although I don’t plan on giving away any earth-shattering coyote hunting secrets in this article, I do plan on giving you a play-by-play account of how those remarkable 2 days unfolded. As you’ll see, a combination of strategy, planning, skill, and luck all played an important role in us capturing the best 2nd place finish of all time!

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