Helping kids have success while hunting

Kenneth's GirlsAs a father of two girls, I figured out very quickly that to keep my little hunters interested and ultimately enjoy hunting, I needed to keep it not only fun but also help them in any possible way to make them become successful.

My first daughter started hunting at the age of five and I knew my hands would be full making her comfortable and engaged in the field. First, I would pick days that weren’t as cold and always bring activities for her to do to keep her occupied, such as coloring books and playing cards. Believe me when I say that I became a master of Go Fish and never knew I could color between the lines as well as a 5 year old.

Second, we would practice shooting a .22 rifle at home almost every day and finally worked up to a .260.  I used hand loads that were specifically loaded so a little girl could handle the recoil. The only problem we encountered was her physically holding up the rifle because of her small arms at the young age of five. That’s when we found the Swagger bipod. This changed everything for us and has made it possible for now both my daughters to handle a larger caliber rifle and be efficient. My daughter Gracen, took her first deer at the age of five and hasn’t looked back since. My daughter Briley, pulled the trigger on her first deer at the age of six and has also kept me busy skinning.

If anyone could take anything from our story, it would be find something that works, and for us that would be the Swagger bipod. To steal a line from my good friend Michael Waddell, “Around here, we raise kids, not deer,” so make it fun, no matter what.

Kenneth Lancaster
The Given Right