Prepping for Fur Season – Coyote Tips from a World Champion

Coyote Hunting

By Geoff Nemnich

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance October is your favorite month of the year. The temps are dropping, football is in full swing and hunting seasons are opening up all over the country! Whether it’s chasing bugling bulls in the high country, stalking speed goats on the prairie, or waiting on a whitetail to pass under your tree, October is full of prime opportunities in the hunting world.  Although calling coyotes may not be high on the priority list of most hunters in October, taking advantage of primetime conditions during the early months of fall can lead to some of the best coyote-calling action of the season! Throughout this article, I’ll discuss the coyote life-cycle and how it relates to early season calling, the relationship between coyote populations and hunting pressure throughout the year, and how these coyote characteristics affect the early season approach to calling coyotes.

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