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Bipods for Hunting

Stability In
any terrain

Swagger QD provides

in the field

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Swagger is Versatile.

Swagger is Maneuverable.

Swagger is Steady when it Counts.

Features that set Swagger™ Apart

military strong

Ultra durable, impact resistant, combat tested, and impervious to cold temperatures.

Adaptable to any Terrain

No matter the terrain, get a solid shooting foundation

Spiked or Rubber foot

Have confidence that you won't slip whether on a rock or in the dirt.

Recoil Management

Helps to eliminate 'Bipod Hop' found in traditional bipods.


Swagger offers the ability to Cant, Traverse, Raise, Lower, Flex, or become Rigid, depending on your situation.

Multiple Shooting positions

Swagger allows for quick and easy movements to shoot from any position.

New for 2021 - The Shooter Series Bipods

Every shooter wants the rigidity of a traditional bipod but also have the ability to cant and traverse with ease. Swagger took that desire and put it into the shooter series bipod's. The shooter series bipods have the ability to cant & traverse, track a target and make adjustments down range - all without having to take your eye out of the scope and off the target. That's what sets the Swagger Shooter Series apart from the competition. Whether you are hunting, competition shooting, or in a combat situation the shooter series will allow you to shoot with confidence.

Featured Season
Perfect for Turkey Season
Turkey hunting keeps you moving and the QD allows
you the versatility to be mobile and set up in any terrain.
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What Our Partners are saying about Swagger


"The flexibility and sturdy always ready shooting platform just makes sense for anyone looking for accuracy. Having Swagger on your gun or shotgun gives you so many options that makes filling tags easier!"

Michael Waddell
Bone Collector

"Swagger bipods are hands down the most versatile bipods I’ve ever used! When predator hunting, you’re often presented with very challenging shots and Swagger gives you the ability to maneuver into any shooting position and you’ll be rock solid when you’re ready to take the shot."

Jon Collins
Tooth& Claw TV

"Swagger’s line of bipods are second to none! They have a bipod for every hunting or shooting situation and rock solid performance, durability and versatility make them my favorite! If you’re shooting long range, turkey hunting, or those moments when you need a quick set up, Swagger has the tools to keep you steady! "

Nick Mundt
Bone Collector

“The very first time I used a Swagger bipod I was sold! Sitting on a hillside in New Zealand, one that I had just climbed hand over hand, I was able to use the Flex Ready Technology to make a solid rest on terrain that wasn’t exactly shooter friendly. Whether on the side of a mountain or 20-feet up a tree, Swagger provides a rock-steady rest.”

Mark Heck
The Given Right