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Spike Foot / New Leg Design & Internal Updates / Nitride Finish springs & spring housing / Re-Enforced Bungee

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Shoot with confidence.
Shoot with Swagger!

Ordinary bipods, monopods and shooting sticks function as a barrel rest to reduce shooter fatigue and add stability to enhance accuracy. They haven’t fundamentally changed in over 100 years.

Until now!

The revolutionary Swagger All-Terrain Bipod, with its patented Crazy Legs flexible leg system, gives you shooting agility like never before.

Swagger’s patented flexible legs hyper-extend to give you unmatched shooting agility!

Swagger is the next big thing in shooting!

Swagger is adaptable…
Swagger is retractable…
Swagger is unbelievable…

Swagger Hunter Series

Assembled weight


Most Effective Range

6-3/4″ – 29″

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Assembled weight


Most Effective Range

9-3/4″ – 41-1/4″

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Body length


Body thickness

If the Swagger Bipod doesn’t give you more shooting flexibility and more shooting confidence, we will buy it back, no questions asked.

The Technology

Unlike traditional stiff-legged bipods, shooting sticks or monopods, Swagger does more than simply function as a barrel rest. The adjustable telescoping legs feature flexible joints that allow infinite maneuverability, which means you get the stabilizing benefits of the bipod without the restriction of the stiff legs. Swagger allows you to maneuver in any terrain and any situation, constantly stabilizing your shotgun, rifle, muzzleloader or crossbow while you raise up or lower down, slide left or turn right, move forward or lean back. Unlike any other gun rest, Swagger has moves! And, with the push of a button, Swagger transforms from full flex to rigid legs, just like a traditional bipod. Swagger also lets you shoot prone, sitting or standing. No other gun bipod can do this.

Introducing Swagger, the bipod with moves! Revolutionary Flex Ready™ Technology gives you shooting agility and flexibility like never before, which dramatically expands your shooting zone. Swagger replaces ordinary “stiff” bipods and shooting sticks that have to be held to stabilize, must be carried, and are heavy, noisy and limited in how they allow you to shoot. Swagger is the all-terrain bipod and can do anything they can do, and a whole lot more!

Make no mistake, Swagger is not a toy. This is a highly engineered, precision-built shooting device that will absolutely change the way you shoot, forever!

The Moves

“With Swagger, there’s nowhere I can’t shoot!”

The revolutionary Swagger All-Terrain Bipod gives you never-before-achieved shooting agility that allows you to maneuver in any terrain, any situation.

With Swagger, you can raise up, lower down, slide left, inch right, move forward, lean back, twist or contort as the shot calls for. All thanks to flexible, hyper-extending Crazy Legs. You can shoot prone, sitting or standing without the need to hold or stabilize. And, Swagger retracts into the chassis for easy, quiet transport.

Swagger Moves - Raise up
Raise up
Swagger Moves - lower down
lower down
Swagger Moves - slide to the right
slide to the right
Swagger Moves - slide to the left

slide to the left
Swagger Moves Move forward
move forward
Swagger Moves - Moves Backward
move backwards
Swagger Moves - Twist Around
twist around
Swagger Moves - Contort
contort as needed!

The Positions

The Features

Made in the USA Swagger

With Swagger you can shoot from a prone, sitting or standing position. Swagger is made in the USA and filled with numerous unique high performance features.

Swagger’s Flex Ready™ legs are shock-corded and will automatically connect when deployed
Swagger Bipod mounting to rifle

Easy to mount

Chassis mounts easily to your gun stock in seconds

Comfortable to carry

Unlike other bipods, Swagger has no metal hinges to dig into your shoulder as you carry your gun

Swagger with the push of a button rigged bipod

Double as a traditional bipod

Change from full flex to rigid legs (like a traditional bipod) with the push of a button

Swagger Bipod shooting AR at shooting range

Military strong

Swagger bipods are constructed of an ultra-durable, impact-resistant composite that’s commonly used in military firearms. It’s combat tested and impervious to cold temperatures

Adjustable chassis

Slide chassis forward or backward to desired position and tighten mounting screw

retractable legs

Swagger’s legs retract into the chassis, where they are concealed and protected

Independently adjustable legs

With a simple twist, leg length can be adjusted. This adjustable design can be accomplished with just one hand. And, each leg fully tightens with just a single twist.