From The Range To The Field, Hunters & Shooters Are Choosing Swagger Bipods

By: Heath Wood

My introduction to Swagger Bipods came in the form of a text from a good friend attending a sports show featuring new products in the hunting industry. Because of him, my phone number and information were exchanged, and a few weeks later, I had the Hunter Series bipods attached to my 6.5 Creedmoor.

Dog getting ready for tracking

As time continued, I successfully hunted coyotes and whitetail deer using the Swagger Bipods. In the past, I had always used shooting sticks when predator hunting, yet rarely used anything when deer hunting, except the occasional shooting rest attached to my treestand. One of the first pieces of advice I received before using the Swagger Bipods was, “keep hunting; the more you use them, the more advantages you will see.” Truer words have never been spoken. Even now, I find myself in different shooting positions that, with traditional bipods or shooting sticks, making a shot would have never been possible.

 Another original user of the Swagger Bipods is predator hunter Jon Collins. Collins, who now travels hunting and filming for FoxPro Hunting T.V. He has been seen using different models of Swagger's to aid in harvesting hundreds of predators. “It’s all about versatility; with coyote calling, we find ourselves in fast-paced situations, and our shooting platform must keep up,” says Collins. While traveling the country hunting predators, Collins is in and out of vehicles and makes multiple calling stands each day. “Before using Swaggers, I was guilty of leaving shooting sticks behind in the truck or realizing when I returned from hunting that I had left my sticks at the last place I was hunting.” One of the most significant advantages of Swagger Bipods is that they attach directly to your firearm. “Wherever my gun goes, the Swaggers are attached along with them,” added Collins. By having the shooting rest always attached, the hunter no longer wonders if they forgot their rest.

Successful hunt photo

Longtime FoxPro staff member Al Morris spends much of the year traveling the country to hunt predators. Morris has also taken predators in every terrain imaginable while hunting and filming for FoxPro Hunting T.V. When making the proper setups on coyotes, Morris knows he will have to walk long distances while carrying his gear. “I have recently been using the QD42s. I love how they are lightweight and versatile in every situation,” says Morris. He then added that the QD42s provide excellent support that helps him take accurate shots on coyotes no matter where he sits.

 Whether using the Hunter Series or the QD Series, hunters love Swagger’s Quick Adapt Technology that easily attaches to their firearm. Because of lightweight designs, they can travel wherever needed to be successful. The versatility and flexibility of the bipods allow the shooter to maintain the proper position no matter what kind of shot is presented. Often, there is a requirement to stand, kneel, sit or lay prone when hunting. With Swagger Bipods, the ability to go from a bipod to a shooting stick can be done without making any adjustments, except for height.

 The Stalker Lite series is the only lightweight shooting stick that quickly adapts, allowing hunters to maintain a steady target in any terrain. Unlike other models, the Stalker Lite series does not attach to the firearm. Instead, the hunter can pack them in a compact area such as a backpack when hunting or traveling. When ready to use, the Stalker Lite’s can rapidly deploy in seconds. Without touching, the Stalker Lite’s adjust from 21” to 36”, providing the hunter with a traverse rest in any terrain.

Rifle on swagger bi-pod

Swagger Bipods were designed with the hunter in mind. However, with so many choosing Swagger as their primary shooting rest, marksmen have also had their demands met by the same versatility and designs. Whether a hunter, competition, or recreational shooter, they all have one thing in common - They choose Swagger Bipods.

 For tactical shooters, there is the SFR10, which is a field-to-range bipod. The SFR10 can be used in the field while lying prone, during long-range hunting or when enjoying time at the shooting range. The SFR10 features quick detach technology that allows the shooter to quickly remove the SFR from the weapon when needed. It can also quietly take the bipod from stowed to a 45 or 90-degree shooting position. Plus, the SRF10 achieves the ability to acquire the target and load while still maintaining visibility in any terrain.

 Another task often presented to hunters and shooters is the need to reach extreme angles to maintain a proper shooting position when hunting, during competition, or in recreational shooting. The SEA12 model was designed for situational shooting when extreme angles are required. The S.E.A system provides an extensive range of maneuverability and is designed to adapt to trials such as uneven terrain or when put into challenging angles. Many hunters and shooters keep the SEA12s on their favorite AR rifle because they have every angle covered to remain a solid shooter.

 The versatility, flexibility, maneuverability, and, more importantly, the confidence that Swagger Bipods has given hunters and shooters from the beginning has more people saying, I choose Swagger!