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The Hunter29 easily adjusts from 6 3/4" to 29" and is ideal for western hunters, spot-and-stalk situations or anywhere long shots from the ground are likely. No matter the terrain or obstacle you can trust Swagger to help you shoot with confidence.
  • Assembled weight  23.6 oz
  • Most Effective Range 6 3/4" to 29"
  • Best for prone, seated (on ground) and kneeling shooting positions with bipod.

  • Move from a prone shooting position to a seated or kneeling position fluidly with the Hunter29.

Item#: SWAG-BP-HT29
UPC: 857925007030

The Hunter42 boasts an extension range from 9 3/4 to 41 1/4 inches and adapts to unique challenges of hunting from treestands, blinds, or any enclosure with an elevated window.  With the Hunter42, no matter where you hunt, you will always be ready, steady, and able to take a solid shot.
  • Assembled weight  25.78 oz
  • Most Effective Range 9 3/4" to 41 1/4"
  • Best for seated (on ground), seated (in chair) or kneeling shooting positions with one bipod.

  • The extra length in the Hunter42 is great for seated/kneeling positions in extremely steep terrain.

Item#: SWAG-BP-HT42
UPC: 857925007030


  • You can easily remove rubber foot to reveal spiked foot helping you dig into your terrain

  • New Leg design and internal updates (2018)
  • Nitride finish springs and spring housing (corrosion resistant)
  • Reinforced bungee
  • Each bipod comes with a standard rifle adapter
  • If need to attach to pic rail, extra purchase is required

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Item#: SWAG-BP-HT29

UPC: 857925007023

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WARNING:  This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to

Hunter Series

The Hunter Series™ bipod boasts an extensive range of maneuverability and is designed to adapt to the unique challenges of hunting. From the ground, a blind or a treestand, the Hunter Series™ has you covered. No matter where you hunt, you will always be ready, steady and able to take a confident shot.

Key Features of the Hunter Series

Military Strong

Ultra durable, impact resistant, combat tested, and impervious to cold temperatures.

Adaptable to any terrain

No matter the terrain, get a solid shooting foundation.

Spiked or Rubber Foot

Have confidence that you won't slip whether on a rock or in the dirt.

REcoil Management

Helps to eliminate 'Bipod Hop' found in traditional bipods.


Swagger offers the ability to Cant, Traverse, Raise, Lower, Flex, or become Rigid, depending on your situation.

Multiple Shooting Positions

Swagger allows for quick and easy movements to shoot from any position.



"I was skeptical several years ago when I first put my hands on this product. I based my expectations off of everything I had previously encountered when using other brands of bipods. I was quickly swayed once I realized how much more this product offered than that of a standard ordinary bipod. As of 2019 every firearm I take to the field is accompanied by Swagger. Once you learn how to use this product, attempting to compare it to another bipod is a waste of breath. There is no comparison!"

Heath Graham
Struttinbucks Co-Host

“I stopped in your headquarters in June while coaching a team at national 4-H shooting sports meet and picked up a bipod. Today I was out and came across some elk, stalked into 230 yards. I had to belly crawl to get there. Your bipod allowed me to stay low and get the shot in the rain with a 28 mile per hour cross wind. With a standard bipod I'd have been to high for the wind on me and the angle of the shot. I'm sold, 3 more are coming for my wife and 2 kids. Awesome product.”

Jason F.
Customer Testimony

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