SFR10 QD (Flex to Rigid - Quick Detach) - 6" - 10.5" Bipod

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 NEW FOR 2021

Assembled weight 15.2 oz
Most effective range 6” to 10.5”

  • Quick Detach
  • Designed for long-range hunting, competition shooting, and combat situations
  • Adjustable flex tension allows the shooter to fine tune flexibility to the situational need
  • Easily adjustable from flex to rigid
  • Legs can be set at a 45º angle for a lower shooting position
  • Ability to quickly acquire target and load while visually maintaining a target in any terrain
  • Attaches to Pic Rail


UPC: 857925007252

      Shooter Series

      Every shooter wants the rigidity of a traditional bipod but also have the ability to cant and traverse with ease. Swagger took that desire and put it into the shooter series bipod's. The shooter series bipods have the ability to cant & traverse, track a target and make adjustments down range - all without having to take your eye out of the scope and off the target. That's what sets the Swagger Shooter Series apart from the competition. Whether you are hunting, competition shooting, or in a combat situation the shooter series will allow you to shoot with confidence.

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