You asked and we delivered. The fastest target acquisition in a competitive shooting bipod has come of age. Introducing the new Steelbanger Basic Bipod. This bipod was designed for the shooting enthusiasts, hunters and long distance shooters with the need to acquire multiple or moving targets down range. It's ability to mount directly to your pic rail (not included) makes it perfect for MSR and precision rifles.

Assembled weight 15 oz
Most effective range 4” to 10”

Fast deployment and one hand adjustments
Mounts Direct to Pic Rail
One-Handed Adjustment
Flex Ready
Ideal for shooting from prone or a bench rest
Fastest Target Acquisition

*Adapter needed to attach to standard Swivel Stud

Steelbanger Basic
Steelbanger Basic
Using the steelbanger basic in the prone position
Swagger Bipod steelbanger basic in the prone position from a rocky ridge
Steelbanger basic from a range
Steelbanger basic at the range shooting from the hood of a jeep
Front view of the steelbanger basic


For a limited time, use the code STEELBANGER99 to get the steelbanger for $99.  This will help all you shooters with quick deployment, one handed adjustments and fast target acquisition whether you are at the range or in the field!

*Discount Code does not work with any other product or discount codes.