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Lonny Lesmeister

Cheyenne River Predator Hunters

The very first time in the field with Swagger, I called in a pack of 5 coyotes! It was a crazy stand to say the least, but with the help of Swagger, I was able to shoot 3 out of the 5 coyotes single handedly. The mobility and design of this bipod allows for quick adjustments and definitely was a key factor on this particular set’s success. Swagger is awesome!

Daniel Schmidt

Deer & Deer Hunting

To improve your skills as a deer hunter, you need confidence in your shooting ability. That confidence comes with practice and a solid rest. You can get that confidence with Swagger. They are super easy to attach to any rifle, and provide a rock-solid and flexible shooting rest for all types of hunting.

Jon Collins

Host of Tooth and Claw TV

When predator hunting, you’re often presented with very challenging shots. But, no matter the situation, Swagger Bipods give you the ability to maneuver into any shooting position, and you’ll be rock solid when you’re ready to take the shot.

Gary Roberson

Carnivore TV

Swagger allows you to set up on any terrain and quickly and quietly make adjustments to a critter that’s responding to a call or one that’s simply moving across the countryside.

Kade Steidley

Thank you Swagger for helping me achieve well beyond my goals. I have jumped an average of 7 spots in my PRS competition strictly due to the versatility of Swagger. Swagger saves me time on the clock, allowing me to get more impacts and giving me shooting solutions that all other competitors are envious of.

I foresee a boom of Swagger bipods at the 2017 PRS matches!

Heath Wood

Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staff/Outdoor Writer

Whether I’m deer hunting or predator hunting, the Swagger Bipod is the most versatile bipod I’ve ever used. I can literally make a set-up in any terrain, thanks to the Swagger.

Kenneth Lancaster

The Given Right

If you know me, you know I’m not a gadget person. I have items in my pack I’ve been carrying for almost twenty years. Why? Because they work! Well once in a great while something will come out that I think is worthy of a try. That product for me was the Swagger Bipod. This has changed the way I am able to hunt in the field. I can adjust each leg to different heights by simply turning a knob and the bipod to two modes, rigid and flexible. In the rigid mode I can lock it off on flat ground and use it like a traditional bipod. In the flexible mode I can move the bipod in any situation on any terrain and still be able to have a steady shot. The legs can also be brought into your body for a very sturdy off-hand shooting position. Heck, I have shot a bear at 456 yards in a prone position as well as a deer at 140 yards off hand by using the Swagger legs against my body. Then the Swagger Bipod slips into a protective shell and can be put away until your next moment of truth. This is not just a gadget for me — this is a very important tool that I don’t leave home without.

Mark Heck

The Given Right

The very first time I used a Swagger Bipod, I was sold! Sitting on a hillside in New Zealand, one that I had just climbed hand over hand, I was able to use the Crazy Legs technology to get a rock solid rest on terrain that wasn’t exactly shooter friendly. Whether on the side of a mountain or 20-feet up a tree, Swagger allows for a rock steady rest no matter the circumstances.

Shannon Sizemore

HM Defense Fur Takers

As a coyote hunter, sometimes you have to turn into a contortionist, and Swagger puts you into whatever position you might need in the field.

Justin Welch

Owner, Backcountry Brotherhood

Every so often there comes a product that totally changes the industry. Swagger is one of those products. The first time you use one you wonder how come it took so long for someone to think of this. Swagger adapts to any situation. If you want to be ready for any shot, buy a Swagger!