Swagger Bipod Stalker QD72 product photo
Swagger Bipod Stalker QD being used on a AR firearm
Stalker QD72 on a firearm showing the flex ready technology
Stalker QD on a crossbow

Stalker QD72

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The Stalker QD encompasses Flex Ready Technology, the primary feature that made Swagger the first true hunting bipod.  Now combine that with features of the new Stalker QD and you have shooting sticks ready to stalk in any environment, any situation. One of the primary features of the Stalker QD is its Quick Detach functionality.

Assembled weight 25 oz
Most effective range 24” to 72”

  • The push of a button allows you to be more compact, lightweight and have true mobility in the field.
  • Ideal for shooting from seated positions, ground blinds, tree stands or standing with one bipod.
  • You can easily remove rubber foot to reveal spiked foot helping you dig into your terrain.
  • Use with crossbow, shotgun or rifle.

Item#: SWAG-ST-QD72

UPC: 857925007108